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This is Signal House Studios. A full production recording studio located in Hertfordshire, UK.

Signal House Studios is home to producer Tim Kramer, who has toured internationally and worked in the industry for over a decade.

The goal is to give new and talented artists a big unique sound. The rural location and the studio environment will have you feeling comfortable and at your most creative.

Utilise the acoustically treated large live room, vast array of analogue outboard, comprehensive microphone locker and inspiring studio space to create a completely bespoke and dynamic recording experience. 

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State of You

Engineering, Mixing, Videography

The Brogues

Engineering, Mixing, Videography

Harsh Language

Engineering, Mixing, Videography

Joseph Lofthouse

Engineering, Mixing, Videography

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This is the first stage of producing a song or record. It will often start with a conversation about the artists objectives for the project. Their influences, the message/meaning behind the song and what they're trying to convey. From this we'll then pull references from other material. Then we’ll discuss the structure, tone, tempo of any demo ideas brought to the table and refine until collectively we're at a point where we're all happy to progress. Sometimes we'll get the client to perform the material live and capture a quick recording. This way we can try any new ideas, quickly reshuffle parts or try out specific sounds or delivery.


Where things get creative and noisy. Utilising over a decade of experience, we will capture the takes and sounds needed to give your song a 3D space and bring it to life. We understand the importance of pushing musicians to their full potential as well as getting the tones great at the source and ready to mix. We will often A/B instruments, change strings/drum heads, tweak mic positions and do some of the heavy-lifting in terms of the mix on the way into the converters. This takes time, but ensures the project is going in the right direction early on.

Drum programming

With the ever-improving scale of drum sampler products being released online, and with tighter budgets for records to be produced, often using MIDI samplers for drum programming is a quick way to get mix-ready drum tones for your record. Despite this there is still a degree of skill required to get the MIDI drum programming to sound musical and human. With years of experience programming drums for song-writing purposes, we can help you take your drums to the next level. 


The boring, often tedious part of creating music. It often gets overlooked, but is highly necessary with modern music productions. Having the tools available from the most recent recording software, like multi-channel phase-coherent group editing makes these changes a breeze. Whether it be tightening up drum parts, or correcting slight tuning issues with vocal harmonies, we're here to help!


Find yourself wrestling with some mediocre amp-sims or badly recorded guitar tracks for an upcoming release? Chat to us, and utilise our ever-growing collection of boutique tube amps, heads and cabs, as well as our impressive mic locker and DynaMount systems – we can give your guitar or bass tracks the big, yet organic sound your tracks need.


This is the process of balancing multiple channels of audio against each other, crafting tones, resolving clashing resonances, and using world-class monitoring and plug-ins to do so. Mixing is a fine balance between art and science. It's emotional, but measurable and one of our favourite parts of crafting music! We're still firm believers in using plenty of analogue outboard gear on our projects, and when it comes to mixing, we love to see all the gear being used to its full potential in a hybrid situation. 


This is the final stage of the production process. Have you got a project you've mixed and you've run into some issues or not quite achieved the desired sound? Making your collection of songs sit together nicely and preparing them for their desired output medium is what this stage is all about. Whether it be for streaming, radio/TV or vinyl, we can offer complete comprehensive mastering services including sequencing, metadata embedding, TOC sheets and more. Similarly to mixing, we'll approach this in a hybrid manner utilising analogue outboard and world-class plugins. It's always good to have an additional pair of ears on a project. We might be able to spot things (good or bad) that have been overlooked. Let’s chat about it!

Audio studio

The Studio

Our studio hosts a multitude of different internal spaces to work from. All spaces are fully air-conditioned/heated with independent stage boxes which all run into the main patch bay in the control room.

Audio studio live room

Live room & vocal booth

The large live room measures 7m x 8m x 3m and has an isolated vocal booth as well as independent stage boxes to offer a multitude of routing setups. The tone of the room can be adjusted with the hinged acoustic panels, which offer a reflective surface on one side, or an absorptive surface on the other.

Audio studio control room

Control room

The control room is the central hub of the studio. The heart of it is a Cubase Pro rig running Universal Audio Apollo converters. The room is roughly 6m x 4m acoustically tuned to optimise the environment for mixing and mastering. Monitoring is provided by our Adam Audio S3Vs, Neumann and Yamaha. The collection of high quality microphone preamps (Neve, API, Thermionic Culture) and outboard (Kush Audio, Stam Audio, SSL, Lexicon) all run into a central bantam patch bay where the routing options are endless. For clients wanting to bring their own system, we have an Antelope Orion & Audient ASP preamps on hand for easy access via the patchbay and USB.

Audio studio kitchen

Kitchen & lounge

The kitchen & lounge area upstairs offers a comfortable space to relax or work from. Needing to work on lyrics/writing, admin or emails? This is the space for you. The space offers various cooking facilities, a TV and Xbox and ample storage.

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No project is too big or small and we love chatting about potential upcoming collaborations. Drop us a message to see how we can work together, we'll endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible!

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